Use Teleparty To Start Your Party With Your Friends And Family

Discover an exciting approach to enjoying movies and series with watch party extension

It is a unique way to enjoy movies and series with this tool. By this, you can synchronize playback and chat and you can even audio and video call effortlessly with friends while immersing yourselves in popular streaming services like Disney plus watch party, amazon prime watch party, HBO max watch party, movies on paramount plus, peacock watch party, Netflix and hulu watch party.

Watch party extension is an amazing browser as it synchronizes the playback including movies and series.

Just explore the magic of movie nights as it will connect you with your loved ones. In this extension, you can create your own customized watching room. Have unlimited and immersive entertainment that will bring you and your buddy closer. You can also share your moments while watching your favorite shows.

Teleparty is available on

Indulge yourself in the ultimate joy of streaming

Just download the extension, and watch amazing shows to enjoy unlimited TV series and movies. In this browser, you will find popular streaming platforms including netflix, teleparty Hulu, amazon prime watch party, HBO max, movies on paramount plus, peacock watch party, hulu watch party and Disney plus watch party.

The extension has great features like audio & video calls along with chat. Create your own watching room to share your special moments with your close ones.


Use Teleparty To Start Your Party With Your Friends And Family

Many families worldwide have their own ritual and tradition of movie nights. But when years pass, some family members settle in different states or countries. in such scenarios, uploading the movie night tradition gets a little tricky. If you belong to one such families and wishes to connect with your loved ones then Teleparty chrome is the solution you are looking for. Watch everything you want on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBP Max, Disney Plus, Peacock TV, and Paramount Plus, among other streaming services. Host virtual movie dates with your friends and family with an easy-to-use UI.


Watch Together

Just logging together and share the link with your loved ones in order to have stream party fun. It will also help in the fast buffering and high-quality video.

Customize your viewing party

This is an awesome tool to organize a movie party with your family and friends to view unlimited movies and series together with synchronized playback feature and also have real-time chat, audio,video calls in HD quality.

What Is Teleparty And How To Use It?

With the help of Teleparty, you may watch movies remotely with your friends and family. It also provides live chat and synchronizes content playback with your preferred streaming websites. With teleparty chrome extension, you can enjoy a romantic movie date night with your partner, even if you are miles apart. It easily connects you with your distant friends and family in case you are unable to celebrate any occasion or milestone with them. Furthermore, Teleparty Extension is a modern option for consumers seeking several forms of entertainment. This plugin is performance-oriented and easy to use. One of its amazing features is that it may connect you and your loved ones from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, this web extension teleparty runs smoothly on chrome and firefox platforms. An individual can use this to arrange a virtual viewing party for up to 100 guests. Now, follow the instructions below to use it successfully.

  1. Install the Teleparty Extension

  2. Pin the Extension

  3. Open Your Streaming Account and Log In

  4. Search and watch

  5. Organize a Watch Party

  6. Become a Teleparty Member


How to watch movies together online on teleparty?

To watch movies together on teleparty, you can follow these steps:

If you are in the party mode to watch good movies with friends then please follow the below instructions.

About Teleparty

Teleparty is a fantastic extension, where you can watch movies together at the same time. It has great features like chat, audio and video calls which synchronizes playback on your browser. Create your fun memories with your family and friends.

In this extension, you can watch netflix together as well as watch HBO Max with friends and family. Enjoy the latest series or movies on various platforms. Save your memory and share your thoughts while streaming your favorite content.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  2. How big of a watch party invite can I send out?

  3. How can I sign up for Teleparty?


Amazing Features Of Teleparty

  1. One for Everyone

  2. Party Control Watch

  3. Group Talk

  4. Worldwide Accessibility

  5. Full HD Content Streaming

  6. Customization of Profiles

  7. Compact Design